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Bitcoin price passes $7K bringing all 100 top coins up with it
Bitcoin is moving up, and it’s taking 99 of its best friends along for the ride. In the last 24 hours, every one of the top 100 coins by market cap was in the green with 84 of them posting gains of over 5 percent. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was sitting at $7,310, up 14 percent in the [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-07-18By Taylor Hatmaker
9 hours ago

Cryptocurrency Regulation and Liquidity Improvements Will Pave the Way for Institutional Investment
The cryptocurrency world currently finds itself in a rather awkward state. There are various developments taking place which seemingly hint at the next stage of cryptocurrency adoption. According to Torque Ventures, institutional investors are on the verge of embracing this industry in a major way. The Institutional Investor Conundrum There have been rumors regarding the involvement of institutional investors [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-17By JP Buntinx
11 hours ago

XRP Price: Uptrend may Turn into a Small dip Fairly Soon
For all cryptocurrency markets, the next few hours may prove to be crucial. All of yesterday’s positive market momentum is in the books. Right now, it is time to decide if this trend continues or falls apart entirely. For the time being, things are still looking good for the XRP price. The day has only just begun, though, and a [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-17By JP Buntinx
18 hours ago

Robinhood Announces Dogecoin Adoption in the Wake of both Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
On July 17, 2018, Robinhood announced it’s support for Dogecoin (DOGE) on it’s fee-free trading platform. The adoption of Jackson Palmer’s ironic cryptocurrency marks a growing bullish trend on the part of the American cryptocurrency firm. Robinhood Adds Support for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and DogeCoin On July 12, 2018, cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood also announced to list two more cryptocurrencies – Litecoin [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Pratik Makadiya
18 hours ago

Coinbase Gains SEC Approval to List Security Tokens
Popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Inc. has been given approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to acquire three companies, allowing it to list securities tokens and provide a broader range of financial services.  Coinbase has made tremendous headway in legitimizing cryptocurrency investments and delivering related services to the public in an attractive, trustworthy package. In early June, Coinbase [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-17By Austin Kennedy
22 hours ago

EOS Funded Bot Accounts Allegedly Congested Ethereum Network
A discussion on July 15, 2018, within the largest online Ethereum community, the Ethereum Subreddit (r/Ethereum), claimed that EOS-funded bot accounts have been deliberately clogging up the Ethereum blockchain network, spending up to 50 ether every hour for over 24 hours. EOS Controversy An alleged 40 percent of the capacity of the Ethereum blockchain network was utilized to process the [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Joseph Young
22 hours ago

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON: Price Analysis, July 16
What cryptocurrencies have bottomed out? See the latest price analysis to find out [ ... ] read more
Found on: CointelegraphPublished on: 2018-07-17By Cointelegraph By Rakesh Upadhyay
1 day ago

What Is the CoolWallet S?
Hardware wallets are an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They are an excellent way of keeping one’s cryptocurrency portfolio safe from harm. The CoolWallet S claims to be the ultimate Bitcoin wallet, even though it’s not just useful for BTC. A wide range of other currencies and tokens are supported. The CoolWallet S Explained More competition in the [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-16By JP Buntinx
2 days ago

UK Mosque Collects Four Times More Donations in Crypto Than Fiat
A British Mosque has collected four times more donations in cryptocurrencies than fiat, showing another example of the growing importance of the innovative instruments in charity. People from all around the world donated to the mosque using cryptocurrency during Ramadan, including one transaction of over £5,200. Also Read: The Daily: Poloniex Goes Mobile, Cobinhood Adds USD Fiat, Bitmain Expands Crypto [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-07-16By Avi Mizrahi
2 days ago

One Seemingly Useless Smart Contract Causes Major Ethereum Blockchain Bloat
Even though the Ethereum network is receiving some scaling upgrades, network issues still tend to pop up now and then. Over the past few weeks, the network has seen a rather hefty influx of transactions which seemingly don’t serve any purpose. A recent discovery by a Reddit user shows someone may be purposefully clogging up the Ethereum network. The [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-16By JP Buntinx
2 days ago

Bitcoin Price Jumps as World’s Biggest ETF Provider BlackRock Looks to Get Involved
BlackRock, Inc. — the world’s largest asset manager and exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider — is reportedly exploring opportunities to legally take part in the cryptocurrency market. A Change of Heart Despite the company’s previous skepticism towards the cryptocurrency field, BlackRock, Inc. is looking at ways to take advantage of the “fast growing cryptocurrency market.” Insiders familiar the matter told [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-16By Georgi Georgiev
2 days ago

Billionaire Steven Cohen’s Invests in Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund
Billionaire Steven Cohen, the founder of Point72 Asset Management, is reportedly jumping on the crypto bandwagon with his first investment in a crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners. Cohen would be investing in the crypto hedge fund through his private investment vehicle, Cohen Private Ventures. With all his three decades of successful entrepreneurial and asset management experience, Cohen’s investment in [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-16By Pratik Makadiya
2 days ago

Luxury Platforms Have China’s New Millionaires Spending Their Cryptocurrency
It’s no secret that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made many people quite wealthy. While some choose to simply exchange their bitcoins for fiat, others prefer to spend their wealth on luxury platforms like Dadiani Fine Arts and The White Company. When Lambo? More like when Rolls-Royce? Eleesa Dadiani is the founder of the former. Her London-based fine art gallery [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-15By Nikita Blows
3 days ago

Ripple Beefs up Its Legal Team to Address the XRP Securities Lawsuit
Legal trouble is brewing at Ripple. The issuer of the XRP asset is facing many lawsuits over securities fraud and its alleged issuing of security tokens without an official license. To counter these issues, the firm recently hired two new people who will help defend the company. Ripple Is Prepared to Fight Many experts are concerned that Ripple’s XRP [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-15By JP Buntinx
3 days ago

More Wall Street Execs Decamp to Join Crypto Startups
Australian exchange has a new man at the helm: Ben Ingram. The former executive at audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers was appointed by the exchange to spearhead its expansion as it seeks to list more cryptos and become the dominant player in the largely untapped Australian market. Ingram becomes the latest executive from a mainstream firm to join a crypto startup [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-14By Steve Kaaru
3 days ago

Top 5 Industries Already Affected by Cryptocurrency
A major argument in favor of blockchain technology is the role it will play in disrupting and revolutionizing major industries worldwide, as cryptocurrencies can be used to facilitate transactions and communications in new and empowering ways. While the possibilities of tomorrow are exciting, the utilization of this emerging tech on industries today is similarly significant. Here are five industries already [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-14By Zane Huffman
3 days ago

Co-Creator: ETH Price Drop Makes Sense, Ethereum is in Great Shape
During an interview on First on CNBC, Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin, the founder, and CEO of blockchain software studio ConsenSys, said that the price drop of ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, makes sense and that the network itself is in great shape. Co-Creator Speaks About Ether Lubin, who has led a group of over 600 software developers at ConsenSys [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-14By Joseph Young
3 days ago

The Daily: Russians Used Bitcoin to Hack US Elections, Trader Bets on the Price of BTC
Russian intelligence officers accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential elections in the US have used bitcoin to finance their campaign, cover the tracks and obscure their identities, a new federal indictment suggests. You can check the details in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief. Also in the daily, billionaire Steven Cohen invests in crypto hedge fund, mysterious expert bets [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-07-14By Lubomir Tassev
4 days ago

Ripple Bags Institutional Talent for a Promising Future
Ripple has transitioned and evolved as a consistent performer amidst the existing crypto businesses. A dedicated leadership and decision-making approach throughout the past few years has contributed to their success. Key talent acquisitions point toward continued success for the company. Today, Ripple is all set to welcome two distinguished personalities to its core team. David Schwartz, who previously served as [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-14By Pratik Makadiya
4 days ago

Bitcoin Is Still a Better Investment Than Altcoins: Crypto Expert
If you are thinking of decamping from Bitcoin to invest in the various altcoins anticipating higher returns, don’t. According to Bart Smith of the Susquehanna International Group, Bitcoin is still the best bet and will continue to dominate the market. The rise of altcoins at the end of last year occurred because investors were excited about new developments and use [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-07-14By Steve Kaaru
4 days ago

Ask Me Anything with David Schwartz and Asheesh Birla
Watch this live recording of Ripple’s new CTO David Schwartz being interviewed by SVP of Product Asheesh Birla. The interview will cover David’s new role and include questions sourced directly from the community. The post Ask Me Anything with David Schwartz and Asheesh Birla appeared first on Ripple. [ ... ] read more
Found on: RipplePublished on: 2018-07-14By Team Ripple
4 days ago

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON: Price Analysis, July 13
As some retail investors are leaving crypto, large institutional players are moving in, as they see value around the current price levels. Do the charts support their sentiment? [ ... ] read more
Found on: CointelegraphPublished on: 2018-07-13By Cointelegraph By Rakesh Upadhyay
4 days ago

Ripple Reveals Plans of Popularizing the XRP in India
Ripple Labs, Inc., the United States-based Fintech firm and creators of the ripple (XRP) altcoin is formulating a sure-fire strategy to make the native token a popular choice amongst the populace of India. XRP to the Moon? According to an Express report, officials at Ripple have revealed their fail-proof plan to end bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Asheesh Birla, [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-13By Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel
5 days ago

Billionaire Steven Cohen Invests in Bitcoin (But Not Ripple)
Billionaire investor Steven Cohen is entering the emerging market by investing into a cryptocurrency hedge fund that favors Bitcoin and Ethereum over Ripple.  Billionaire Steven Cohen Gets into Bitcoin Cohen Private Ventures — the hedge fund of Steven A. Cohen, whose estimated net worth currently stands at $14 billion USD — has invested in Autonomous Partners, led by early Bitcoin investor Arianna [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-13By Allen Scott
5 days ago

Bitcoin Will End Up in One of Three Ways, Predicts Expert
Still only nine years old, Bitcoin continues to be a major topic of discussion within the global business industry. Bloomberg’s Noah Smith believes that the future of the top-ranked cryptocurrency has three possible outcomes. Three Possible Future Scenarios for Bitcoin Smith’s first scenario sees Bitcoin replacing fiat currencies all over the world. In this construct, BTC becomes the de facto [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-13By Osato Avan-Nomayo
5 days ago