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Singapore is the crypto sandbox that Asia needs
Singapore Blockchain Week happened this past week. While there have been a few announcements from companies, some of the most interesting updates have come from regulators, and specifically, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The financial regulator openly discussed its views on cryptocurrency and plans to develop blockchain technology locally. For those who are unfamiliar, Singapore historically has been a financial hub [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-09-22By Joyce Yang
5 hours ago

Programmable Money: Bitcoin Cash Community Debates Oracle Driven Upgrade
Lately, there’s been a lot of conversation directed at adding a canonical transaction ordering (CTOR) process to the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Then there’s the topic of whether or not the BCH developers should add the opcode OP_Checkdatasig (CDS) into the codebase. Some believe CDS will be beneficial to Bitcoin scripting applications and allow for all types of smart contracts and [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Jamie Redman
6 hours ago

Financial Blockades Are Bad for Humanity But Great for Bitcoin
Vloggers. Sex workers. Conservatives. Iranians. People from every strata of society, with nothing in common, save for a shared grievance. All have found themselves locked out without warning by their payment provider. Account frozen. Funds seized. Lifeline severed. And for what exactly? For the amorphous crime of failing to comply with the terms of service. In reality, however, the only [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Kai Sedgwick
13 hours ago

The Daily: Poloniex Drops 8 Coins, New Exchange Licensed in Estonia
Cryptocurrency trading platform Poloniex has delisted eight coins with low liquidity, while another US-based exchange, Gemini, is adding litecoin to its offerings. Also in The Daily, Ironx has been licensed to offer exchange services from Estonia, and Bitmain’s Antpool will sponsor NBA team Houston Rockets with bitcoin cash. Also read: Coinbase Denies Self-Trading, Kraken Gets Feisty Poloniex Delists 8 [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-21By Lubomir Tassev
1 day ago

Review: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Decentralized Exchanges
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are getting better. They’ve still some way to go before they match the UX of the best centralized exchanges, or facilitate cross-chain trades for that matter, but they’ve come a long way since the Etherdelta days at least. In a week where Ethfinex Trustless debuted, we review four of the top ERC20 exchanges. Also read: Japanese Regulators Urgently [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-21By Kai Sedgwick
2 days ago

Blockchain Is Paving the Way Towards Reduced Carbon Emissions
Debate continues to rage about the best practices and strategies needed to collectively curb carbon emissions. Blockchain tech can help. As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so does the debate about their energy usage. Research has purported energy consumption habits by miners could be leading to carbon emission levels that could be interfering with national climate change mitigation obligations. Others figures [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-21By Kevin O’Brien
2 days ago

Ex-Liberia Central Bank Chief Under Probe for Missing $104M, State Seeks FBI Help
More than a dozen government officials, including former central bank governor and his deputy, have come under investigation in Liberia after $104 million of newly printed banknotes vanished from the state purse. Liberia has issued a travel ban to Milton Weeks, the ex-Central Bank of Liberia chief, his deputy Charles Sirleaf, son of former president Ellen Jonhson Sirleaf,  and several others [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-21By Jeffrey Gogo
2 days ago

3 Steps Bakkt Will Take to Become a ‘Regulated Institution,’ According to CEO
The CEO of Bakkt shed some light on the steps it will take to differentiate itself on the market and become a regulated financial institution. Physically Delivered Bitcoin Via Regulated Infrastructure In a blog post of September 18, Kelly Loeffler, CEO at Bakkt, revealed the project’s intended steps to address the “unique requirements of regulated institutions, their clients and stakeholders.” [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-19By Georgi Georgiev
3 days ago

8 Surprising Findings from New York’s Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative
A lot of cryptocurrency traders are sick of hearing about “manipulation”. They just want to buy and sell bitcoin in peace, without Twitter accounts such as Bitfinexed banging on about unnatural market movements. It was thus with some dismay that New York’s Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative was greeted. The report, which dropped yesterday, predictably contains allegations of market manipulation. But [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-19By Kai Sedgwick
3 days ago

$10 Trillion US Exchange Takes a Step Toward Crypto: Nasdaq Bids for Cinnober
News wires buzzed this week when the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) announced its pending purchase of Swedish crypto-friendly stock exchange Cinnober. Nasdaq made “an USD 190m all cash recommended public offer” to the exchange, which it terms a major “financial technology provider to brokers, exchanges and clearing houses worldwide.” It could also be a significant first [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-19By C. Edward Kelso
4 days ago

Tezos (XTZ) Trading Opened on Evolve Markets
Evolve Markets has announced the addition of Tezos (XTZ) trading to its platform — which currently allows users to trade Bitcoin, emerging altcoins, and other currencies on the Metatrader 5 platform.  Always Up to Date Evolve Markets is a FOREX, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency trading platform which lets users trade Bitcoin, emerging altcoins and other crypto assets on the Metatrader [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-19By Bitcoinist
4 days ago

Blockchain Platform Allows any Phone-owner to Sell Content
Blockchain-based media platform Snapparazzi released the public prototype example of its eponymous blockchain-based content platform just yesterday, and it appears to post a significant threat to the troubled status quo of the media industry.  Rise of social media The content market has changed drastically over the past 10-20 years and is mainly represented by mainstream media outlets and independent/alternative content [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-19By Bitcoinist
4 days ago

Fourth-Largest Exchange Bitfinex Launches A Decentralized Ethereum Exchange
Decentralized exchanges have been touted as the future of the market, especially since they give back the control to the users as Satoshi first set out to do when he developed Bitcoin. However, despite the great promise, they have failed to gain traction, with even the most popular struggling to crack into the top 100 for volume traded. This might [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-09-19By Steve Kaaru
4 days ago

Bitcoin Stabilizes above Important $6,000 Resistance as Bulls Manage to Fight Off Bears: Week in Review September 17
The price of bitcoin closed the week three percent higher, around the $6,500 mark, as bulls managed to regain the upper hand to allow bitcoin to remain above its most recent $6,000 resistance. In the past seven days, blockchain media was filled with stories of regulators cracking down on fraudulent cryptocurrency business and their operators, which shows that authorities are...The [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-09-18By Alexander Lielacher
4 days ago

Citigroup Developing Crypto Custody Service
Citigroup is reportedly in the process of creating a cryptocurrency investment product that could revolutionary change how the public invests in blockchain assets. Known as a digital asset receipt (DAR) it is aimed at institutional investors, and could significantly simplify the means by which cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. Additionally, this product will add a level of trust and security [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptoNewsPublished on: 2018-09-18By Trevor Smith
5 days ago

Custodial vs Non-Custodial Crypto Swap: Which Offers the Best Exchange Rate?
If you’re planning to swap between cryptocurrencies, there is no shortage of options. Many people will use a centralized exchange such as Binance, but there are also non-custodial solutions such as There are pros and cons to both models in terms of privacy, speed, and value for the money. The following review will focus solely on the latter, with [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-17By Kai Sedgwick
5 days ago

Seoul-Based Food Delivery Service Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash
This week Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans were pleased to hear another well-known merchant is now supporting BCH for payments. The South Korea-based food dispatch platform called Shuttle Delivery now accepts BCH for door-to-door meal deliveries throughout the Seoul region. Also read: Gemini Dollar Code Review Reveals the Stablecoin’s Accounts Can Be Frozen Food Service Shuttle Delivery in South Korea Now Accepts Bitcoin [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-17By Jamie Redman
5 days ago

PR: EasyVisual Blasts Advertising Market with New Channel for Brand Promotion
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Imagine a perfect world where the advertisement of your brand is shown only to target [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-17By PR
6 days ago

Japanese Regulator Unveils Crypto Regulation Updates
Japan’s financial regulator has recently unveiled the current state of the crypto regulations in the country. Three crypto operators are currently being reviewed. With 160 companies wanting to enter the space, the regulator plans to add more personnel to help review new applicants. In addition, a self-regulatory plan for crypto exchanges has also been submitted to the regulator. Also read: 160 [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-17By Kevin Helms
6 days ago

Successful ICO Roundup – Second Week of September
Last week, we created the first in a series of ICO reviews with a twist. We covered the successes of ICO projects that ended in the first week of September, which raised a little bit more than $21 million according to the information found on ICObench. We said we were going to use a different tracker for this week’s article, [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptoNewsPublished on: 2018-09-16By Zoran Spirkovski
7 days ago

Exchanges Round-Up: Aus Regulators Doubt Coinjar Volume, Paysend Partners With Bitstamp
In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, Australia’s financial regulators have expressed skepticism regarding Coinjar’s purported trade volume, Paysend has partnered with Bitstamp to facilitate cryptocurrency purchases through its Global Account, and Seed Cx has announced a $15 million USD Series B funding round. Also Read: A Decade After Lehman Brothers Died: Mises, Satoshi, Bitcoin, and Wall Street Worship  Australian Regulators [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-16By Samuel Haig
7 days ago

$150B Money Laundering Probe of Danske Bank Implicates Citigroup and Deutsche Bank
U.S. law enforcement agencies have started their money laundering investigations of Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, according to the Wall Street Journal. Citigroup and Deutsche Bank have been implicated. Danske Bank is also currently under investigation by Denmark and Estonia and its CEO reportedly ignored warnings of suspicious transactions. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to Enter Japanese Market, Regulator Reveals [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-16By Kevin Helms
7 days ago

Gemini Dollar Code Review Reveals the Stablecoin’s Accounts Can Be Frozen
This week a blockchain researcher named Alex Lebed published a code review on the new stablecoin, the gemini dollar, created by the Gemini Trust cryptocurrency firm. According to Lebed’s study, gemini dollar accounts can be frozen by the exchange, and the tokens can be turned into non-transferable assets. Also read: Markets Update: Short Term Recovery – Is a Bullish Reversal in Sight? [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-16By Jamie Redman
7 days ago

From Farm to Plate, Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Agriculture
Blockchain technology is increasingly being heralded as a solution to many of the problems plaguing today’s agricultural supply chain.    Many of today’s farmers are keen on embracing cutting-edge technology to help solve a variety of issues in the industry. A 2017 mid-year review from Ag Funder said start-ups related to farm management software, sensing, and IoT were already able [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-16By Kevin O’Brien
7 days ago

Op-ed: The Case for Adding CTOR to Bitcoin Cash in November
The following opinion piece on Canonical Transaction Ordering (CTOR) was written by Jonald Fyookball the lead developer of Electron Cash.  Canonical Transaction Ordering (“CTOR”) is one of the planned changes for the November 2018 Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade. There has been quite a bit of discussion in the Bitcoin Cash community about this change. Also read: Philippines Okays PDAX Crypto Exchange [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-16By OP-ED
1 week ago