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The Marshall Islands Pushes ahead with State-Backed Cryptocurrency
Hilda Heine, the President of the Marshall Islands, recently survived her vote of no confidence. According to an article from Nikkei Asian Review’s published on November 13, 2018, Heine is pushing ahead with the plan to introduce Sovereign, the state-backed cryptocurrency for the Marshall Islands. Heine Survives the Vote of No Confidence BTCManager reported last week that Heine received a...Read [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-11-15By Cindy Huynh
1 day ago

Tinder’s head of product has left
Tinder’s chief product officer Brian Norgard wants to get back to his entrepreneurial roots, citing former PayPal executive-turned-venture capitalist Keith Rabois as inspiration. Norgard, who joined Tinder as part of the acquisition of his Kleiner Perkins-backed ephemeral messaging startup Tappy in 2014, has confirmed to TechCrunch that he’s left the app-based dating company to focus on building products and [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-11-14By Kate Clark
2 days ago

Finbitex Review: Innovative Cryptocurrency Trading
Finbitex represents a leading financial services provider, delivering a wide range of cryptocurrency investment products in contracts for difference (CFDs). Combining a diversified product list, comprehensive technology, and broad network, the platform aims to bring unique and convenient trading experience. Finbitex’s Mission The Finbitex trading platform has been conceptualized and developed by a team of dedicated and experienced finance professionals [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-14By Bitcoinist
2 days ago

The Daily: Coincheck Relists Nem, Okex Adds Dong
In this edition of The Daily, we report on Coincheck’s decision to resume nem (XEM) trading and relist two other coins — ether (ETH) and lisk (LSK). Also, Digital asset exchange Okex has added support for the Vietnamese fiat currency on its C2C platform and we cover the reasoning behind the move. Also in The Daily, a Canadian company has [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-14By Lubomir Tassev
2 days ago

Metacert’ Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email
Metacert, founded by Paul Walsh, originally began as a way to watch chat rooms for fake Ethereum scams. Walsh, who was an early experimenter in cryptocurrencies, grew frustrated when he saw hackers dumping fake links into chat rooms, resulting in users regularly losing cash to scammers. Now Walsh has expanded his software to email. A new product built for email [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-11-13By John Biggs
2 days ago

Regulations Roundup: Chinese Mining Farms Undergo Tax Inspection, Michigan Bans Campaign Donations in Cryptocurrency
In recent regulatory news, we report on an authorized mining company in China that has had its operations temporarily halted for tax inspection and implementation of real-name registration processes. We also look at the Michigan Secretary of State’s ban on crypto-based political donations, as well as the recent certification of X8’s stablecoin for Shariah compliance. In addition, we focus on the operator of [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-13By Samuel Haig
2 days ago

Swiss Cryptocurrency Firm X8 Bags Islamic Finance Certification
X8 AG, a Swiss financial technology firm has successfully obtained Islamic scholars certification for its fiat and gold-backed cryptocurrency from Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), an Islamic advisory firm licensed by the central bank of Bahrain, Reuters reports, November 12, 2018. Plans to Expand into the Middle East Seeing the burgeoning fintech environment in the region, some regulatory bodies and financial...Read [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-11-13By Aisshwarya Tiwari
2 days ago

Zcash Foundation Responds to Monero Developer’s Tweet
There is never a shortage of controversy in the world of cryptocurrency. Although there are plenty of positive developments happening too, a recent announcement by the Zcash Foundation sparks some debates. In a tweet last Friday, Monero developer Riccardo Spagni calls out the Zcash Foundation for its funding strategy. The Zcash Funding Debacle One has to look at cryptocurrencies from many [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-11-13By JP Buntinx
3 days ago

Crucial Vote Pushes Marshall Islands Closer to a National Cryptocurrency
The president of the Marshall Islands survived a no-confidence vote after senators derided her plan to launch a national cryptocurrency. The nation is moving forward with the endeavor despite criticism from the IMF. Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine looks to have a clear mandate to keep pushing forward with her proposed state-backed cryptocurrency after navigating through a no-confidence vote. Reporting [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-13By Kevin O’Brien
3 days ago

Swiss AI-Powered Stablecoin Becomes Halal to Attract Muslim Investors
Sharia-compliance finance is becoming a field of choice for several fintech companies as regulators and market participants in the Middle East seem keen on attracting new business. Now, Swiss-based cryptocurrency firm X8 has become the latest to acquire an Islamic finance certification. Islamic Finance Certified for Mid-East Expansion X8 AG, a cryptocurrency and fintech startup based in Switzerland, has managed [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-13By Georgi Georgiev
3 days ago

CoinJar Cryptocurrency Exchange Founder Says Stablecoin Will Transform the Crypto World
At a time when stablecoins have become the rave of the moment in the cryptoverse, with several startups from Circle Internet Financial, Gemini, and others launching own dollar-backed altcoins, Asher Tan, the co-founder of CoinJar, a digital assets platform, has predicted a bright future for the price-steady alternatives according to a Financial Review report on November 12, 2018. Stablecoins to...Read [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-11-13By Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel
3 days ago

Namibian Bitcoin Trading Platform BTN Perseveres Despite Partial Crypto Ban
Bitcoin Trade Namibia (BTN), an emerging bitcoin marketplace, is trying to make things work for Namibians keen on investing in digital assets, even though it could take up to three days before buy orders are settled. However, in an industry where government forces crave control, the delay looks like it should be worth the wait. Also Read: Iran Completes Development of [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-13By Jeffrey Gogo
3 days ago

SWIFT Kicks Out Iran – One Of The 3 Cheapest Countries To Mine Bitcoin
The Society For Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has begun blocking access to international transfers for Iranian member banks as new US sanctions take effect. SWIFT: Block Is ‘Regrettable’ As Reuters originally reported, November 10 marks the first day of action which will see financial institutions cut off from SWIFT, which facilitates cross-border payment instructions to more than 200 countries. In [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-12By Esther Kim
3 days ago

Swiss Firm Obtains Sharia Compliance Certificate for Ethereum-based Stablecoin
X8 AG, a Swiss fintech company has received Islamic finance certification for its stablecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. As reported by Reuters, the firm was certified by the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), an Islamic advisory firm licensed by Bahrain’s central bank. According to a company’s representative, having obtained the certification for its digital […] [ ... ] read more
Found on: ForklogPublished on: 2018-11-12By ado5jt4lotra
3 days ago

Marshall Islands forges ahead with national cryptocurrency
The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) president Hilda Heine has survived a vote of no confidence by just one vote, meaning her proposed national cryptocurrency is still on the cards. Heine’s opponents were unable to find the majority required to oust Heine over persistent plans to alleviate the nation’s reliance on the US dollar with a national cryptocurrency called “the [ ... ] read more
Found on: TheNextWebPublished on: 2018-11-12By David Canellis
4 days ago

Stablecoins Are ‘The Craze Right Now,’ CoinJar Co-Founder Says
CoinJar co-founder Asher Tan says the subject of stablecoins is beginning to gain prominence in the cryptocurrency narrative. Many stakeholders in the digital currency space believe stablecoins may be the next big thing in the industry. Stablecoins are the Future Stablecoins remain regular fixture in the cryptocurrency news circuit. From the controversy surrounding Tether (USDT) — the most popular of [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-12By Osato Avan-Nomayo
4 days ago

Swiss Crypto Firm Gets Islamic Finance Certification for Sharia-Compliant Stablecoin
Switzerland-based fintech firm X8 AG has received a certification from the Shariyah Review Bureau for its ETH-based stablecoin, which is backed by 7 fiat currencies and gold [ ... ] read more
Found on: CointelegraphPublished on: 2018-11-12By Cointelegraph By Marie Huillet
4 days ago

South Korea’s Upbit to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Thailand and Indonesia
South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has reportedly started marketing new crypto exchanges in Thailand and Indonesia as part of its global expansion plans. The company recently launched an exchange in Singapore. Over 130 coins and 240 trading pairs will be offered on both of the new Upbit exchanges, according to their websites. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-12By Kevin Helms
4 days ago

Vietnam at Crossroads on Cryptocurrency Regulations
Vietnamese authorities are still considering their approach to regulating the cryptocurrency space. The Ministry of Justice has put forward several alternative solutions and the Ministry of Industry and Trade has expressed its opposition to the ban on imports of mining equipment. Also read: Uzbekistan Sets up International Arbitration Center for Crypto Businesses Justice Ministry Reports on Regulatory Approaches Vietnam’s [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-11By Lubomir Tassev
4 days ago

Iran Completes Development of Rial-Supported National Cryptocurrency
Iran has finalized the development of its national cryptocurrency, which is backed by the local fiat unit, the rial. Once the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) approves its use, the yet-to-be-named digital currency will then be issued to banking institutions for testing in payments, internal and interbank settlements according to local media reports. Also Read: Bahamas Releases Discussion Paper on Crypto-Assets [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-11By Jeffrey Gogo
5 days ago

The SEC’s November 5 Deadline for Bitcoin ETF Proposals Passes
The November 5 deadline set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in relation to public comments on nine Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals has passed with the Commission now focused on ending their review process and coming to a final decision. Under Review The SEC had originally rejected the proposals back in August citing issues with the [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptoNewsPublished on: 2018-11-10By Kem
5 days ago

Uzbekistan Sets up International Arbitration Center for Crypto Businesses
Following in the footsteps of Russia, Uzbekistan has announced plans to implement arbitration mechanisms to resolve disputes in the cryptocurrency space. A new presidential decree mandates the establishment of a body of arbitrators that will deal with cases involving entities from various jurisdictions.  Also read: Growing Number of Crypto Companies Operating From Belarus Arbitrators to Resolve Disputes Under National [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-10By Lubomir Tassev
6 days ago

What is the COINiD Cold Storage Solution?
Cryptocurrency users all over the world are always looking for ways to keep their funds safe and secure. That is a pretty big challenge, especially when buying a hardware wallet is not an option. COINiD, a new software-based cold storage solution, may offer a viable alternative in this department moving forward. The COINiD Concept Explained For those who are [ ... ] read more
Found on: The MerklePublished on: 2018-11-09By JP Buntinx
6 days ago

Thai SEC Expects to Approve Country’s First ICO Portal This Month
Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly revealed that it expects to approve the country’s first portal for initial coin offerings (ICOs) this month, with ICO approvals to follow. According to the country’s crypto regulation, a portal’s role is to examine companies planning to launch an ICO. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Approval Expected in [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-11-09By Kevin Helms
1 week ago

Trezor Model T Now Supports 10 More Cryptos Including Monero, Ripple
Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has introduced two firmware updates on both of its models – Trezor Model T and Trezor One. The move comes shortly after the wallet enabled its users to exchange directly through its interface. Trezor Model T Supports More Cryptocurrencies According to the official release, the new firmware for Trezor Model T will support a wider [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-11-09By Georgi Georgiev
1 week ago