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SEC Orders Proceedings to Rule on ETF, Seeks Further Feedback
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published an “order instituting proceedings to determine whether to approve or disapprove” the proposed Vaneck Solidx bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The SEC is asking for further public feedback on issues pertaining to concerns regarding the bitcoin market’s perceived vulnerability to manipulation. Also Read: Turkey Finance Minister Embraces ICO Hype for Already Troubled [ ... ] read more
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Singapore is the crypto sandbox that Asia needs
Singapore Blockchain Week happened this past week. While there have been a few announcements from companies, some of the most interesting updates have come from regulators, and specifically, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The financial regulator openly discussed its views on cryptocurrency and plans to develop blockchain technology locally. For those who are unfamiliar, Singapore historically has been a financial hub [ ... ] read more
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Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Beat BTC in Q4 2018: INS, XRP, ANON, ILK
As the market sentiment is clearly turning bullish it is very important to begin targeting promising cryptocurrencies before their initial pump in value. 4 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in Q4 The prior two weeks VIBE and TRIG were highlighted for their upcoming news and undervalued nature. These 2 coins provided returns in excess of 100% and 250% respectively in the following [ ... ] read more
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Turkey Finance Minister Embraces ICO Hype for Already Troubled Economy
If regional Turkish media is to be believed, no less than the country’s Minister of Finance (Finmin), Berat Albayrak, has proposed looking into the wildcat world of initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a way to boost the economy. English-speaking press reports so far haven’t mentioned Turkey’s supposed turn toward state-backed crypto products, but they have highlighted forecasts the country’s sagging, [ ... ] read more
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Rewarding Whistleblowers with Crypto Community Watch
In the wild west of cryptocurrency, lack of regulatory presence and anonymity  synergize to create an environment ripe for scammers and fraud. As such, it is up to the community to protect itself and work to eliminate these malicious actors. While far too many scammers and hackers have gone unpunished, there has been a trend over the past year through [ ... ] read more
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Of Moonshots and Mushrooms: Let’s Get Beyond Technocratic Thinking
The following opinion piece on Moonshots and Mushrooms was written by Max Borders, director of Social Evolution and author of The Social Singularity When John F. Kennedy was president, he planted a stark and powerful, technocratic image in the minds of Americans…I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a [ ... ] read more
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Bitmain Fights Rumors by Launching New ASIC Chip
As Bitmain’s IPO date approaches, negative news involving the company could add up. The CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, countered the pessimism by launching a brand new “algorithm acceleration chip.” Bitmain’s Anonymous Detractors After the news that Bitmain’s earnings over the course of Q2 didn’t turn out according to plan, someone who claims to be an insider and leaks collector created an [ ... ] read more
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PR: iCoinbay Rolls Out Trading Premium Gain Plan
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. iCoinbay released a new trading campaign entitled [Trading Premium Gain]; iCoinbay is a tokenized, community-based [ ... ] read more
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Switzerland wants banks and cryptocurrencies to play nice
Switzerland is offering a leg up to fledgling blockchain businesses in an attempt to affirms itself as a global cryptocurrency hub. The European banking haven is facing an exodus of blockchain startups due to uncharacteristically tough banking conditions, Reuters reports. Today, the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) issued guidelines for the nation’s 250-plus banks to follow when doing business with cryptocurrency [ ... ] read more
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Bitmain Announces Next-Generation Antminer Equipped With 7nm Chip
At the World Digital Mining Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia the blockchain firm and mining manufacturer, Bitmain Technologies, announced a new Antminer will be launched soon equipped with 7nm semiconductor technology. The firm’s CEO Jihan Wu reported that Bitmain’s next-generation ASIC BM1391 Finfet chip integrates more than a billion transistors for optimal SHA256 mining performance. Also Read: Japanese Regulators Urgently Respond to Zaif’s [ ... ] read more
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Australian financial watchdog puts 5 ICOs ‘on hold’ for violating regulations
The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has flexed on cryptocurrency fraudsters. It has just released details of disciplinary action taken against misleading initial coin offerings (ICOs) operating in Australia. ASIC revealed it has put five different ICOs “on hold” until they comply with the new rules. Among other things, ASIC insists some of the startups in question would have [ ... ] read more
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Venezuela’s useless Petro cryptocurrency will hit international markets in October
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is showing now signs of slowing down on his dream of making national cryptocurrency, the Petro, a thing. Yesterday, Maduro got on state television to reveal his cryptocurrency brainchild will be used in international transactions starting from October 1, 2018. “On October 1, the petro [sic] will enter the streets to become a means for commodity [ ... ] read more
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The Daily: Poloniex Drops 8 Coins, New Exchange Licensed in Estonia
Cryptocurrency trading platform Poloniex has delisted eight coins with low liquidity, while another US-based exchange, Gemini, is adding litecoin to its offerings. Also in The Daily, Ironx has been licensed to offer exchange services from Estonia, and Bitmain’s Antpool will sponsor NBA team Houston Rockets with bitcoin cash. Also read: Coinbase Denies Self-Trading, Kraken Gets Feisty Poloniex Delists 8 [ ... ] read more
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A-Cubed Launches DLT Project to Track Crypto Donations for Charities and Non-Profits
Airbus’ Silicon Valley outpost, A-Cubed has kick-started an open source, public DLT based project to foster a sustainable ecosystem for charities and non-profits that are making use of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts for social purposes. Per a September 18, 2018, report by ZDNet, the France-headquartered aerospace giant’s philanthropic arm, The Airbus Foundation, is the first entity to utilize the ethereum...The [ ... ] read more
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Blockchain can’t compress files from 2GB to 20KB – that’s impossible
A blockchain startup is claiming it has developed an algorithm that can dramatically reduce the size of digital files. If its technology is legit, it would help reduce the size of files 10,000 times – from 2GB to 20KB. Oh, and it’s launching an ICO for $50 million. The startup, called DotPlay, demonstrates its “so called” compression algorithm in the [ ... ] read more
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Mining Round-Up: New Bitfury Chip, Anti-Cryptojacking Botnet Discovered
In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency mining, Bitfury has announced a “suite” of products powered by the company’s new mining chip, a botnet that hunts and destroys XMR mining malware has been discovered by security researchers, and Soluna has announced that it will commence the construction of its Moroccan wind farm in January. Also Read: Weiss Ratings Backtracks After Tipping Ethereum [ ... ] read more
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Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Adding the Most Data to Their Blockchain
When it comes to looking at the different cryptocurrencies on the market, the length of one’s blockchain is often discussed as well. Some currencies tend to add a lot of data to their chain compared to others. The following currencies are ranked by the size in kilobytes added during the past 24 hours. Source for the data is OnChainFX. #6 [ ... ] read more
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UK MPs Call for Crypto Regulation to Make Virtual Coin Market Secure, Sustainable
The minimum state oversight should include Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and exchanges, the House of Commons’ Treasury Committee said in its special crypto report. [ ... ] read more
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Treasury Committee Criticizes UK Regulators’ “Unsustainable” Crypto Stance
The parliamentary report published by the UK Treasury Committee has advocated for regulation of the “wild west” crypto-assets sector. The report criticizes the “ambiguity” of the current stance of UK regulators, arguing that with effective regulations, the United Kingdom could become a “global center” for the emerging cryptocurrency sector. Also Read: Brazil’s Biggest Banks Under Investigation For Monopoly In Cryptocurrency [ ... ] read more
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Australian Financial Regulator Issues Warning on ‘Misleading’ ICOs
Australian financial regulator urges investors to proceed carefully with ICOs, as they might be “misleading” and “deceptive” [ ... ] read more
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South Korea’s largest telecom could bring blockchain to 38M people
SK Planet, one of Korea’s largest telecommunications firms, is looking to step up its blockchain game with a nationwide collaboration. The telecom giant has signed a memorandum of understanding with the ICON Foundation. The cooperation will see SK planet integrate blockchain into a number of existing products, such as OK Cashbag. The collaboration aims to make “a real-life blockchain use [ ... ] read more
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The Future of Crypto Mining may Involve Electric Vehicles
One has to commend companies for trying to put a different spin on cryptocurrency mining. Although this industry remains very popular, the concept of mining cryptocurrencies has also gotten a very bad reputation lately. A new startup claims they will use electric vehicles to mine cryptocurrencies, even though it remains to be seen how that will play out exactly. [ ... ] read more
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Weiss Ratings Backtracks After Tipping Ethereum to Beat Bitcoin
Weiss, the financial ratings agency that recently took a shine to cryptocurrency, has caught flak over its latest claim. After Weiss Ratings issued a tweet predicting BTC to lose 50% of its market share to ETH, the firm was forced to backtrack in the face of widespread scorn. It’s not the first time Weiss has made a bad crypto call. [ ... ] read more
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Smartdrops – The Smarter Airdrops
It’s fair to say that everyone in the crypto community has heard of airdrops. In fact, airdrops could be the reason for some people to have joined the community in the first place. Some have been pretty worthless, but others have been fairly significant in value. Whether worthless or valuable, airdrops have drawn criticism from the SEC and other [ ... ] read more
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UK MPs Urge Regulation for ‘Wild West’ Crypto Industry
The UK Treasury Committee published a report on crypto-assets for its Digital Currencies inquiry. In the report, they seem keen on pushing a ‘Wild West’ analogy. Time Flies… The Digital Currencies inquiry was launched in February of this year, with a remit to “cover the role of digital currencies in the UK.” This includes the opportunities and risks to consumers, businesses, and [ ... ] read more
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