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Hedge Fund Issues Bearish Call on Ethereum and Sides with BTC
Hedge fund Tetras Capital has issued a bearish call on ethereum and opined that bitcoin has more upside potential. The New York-based fund has been blessed with perfect timing, with ETH falling in BTC terms following the publication of its report 24 hours ago, while bitcoin has rallied strongly. Also read: Post-Flood Reflections Reveal Insights Into Lives of Sichuan Miners Tetras [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-07-18By Kai Sedgwick
2 hours ago

5 Altcoins to Look Out For this Summer
After a prolonged crypto winter, the dog days of the altcoin summer are finally here — which means you might want to watch these five cryptocurrencies carefully. NAGA Coin (NGC) First on the list of cryptos to look out for this summer is NAGA COIN (NGC). NAGA COIN is the token which powers the expansive and all-encompassing NAGA ecosystem [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-18By Bitcoinist
3 hours ago

Oracle Releases Its Blockchain Cloud Service to the Public
Oracle, the computer giant and software service provider, released its blockchain cloud service to the general public on July 16. This indicates one of the largest enterprise blockchain service releases to date. The technology was already being utilized in early stages by private corporations, but it is now available on a pay-for basis to the general public. Oracle at the [ ... ] read more
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The King is a Fink
It’s true, I’ve always enjoyed reading the paper. When I was younger I used to track the price of gold daily in my grandfather’s copy of the Wall Street Journal. Before that though, I was drawn to the funnies. The Wizard of ID is a classic. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s about a tyrannous but stout dictator, [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-18By Mati Greenspan
5 hours ago

AI-Powered Crypto Trading with WatermelonBlock
While cryptocurrencies have proven to be one of the most accessible means of investment for all different kinds of people, the system still has its issues. Notably, as there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies on the market today, and hundreds more launching through ICOs each month, it can be nearly impossible for both new and seasoned investors to figure out [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-18By Robert DeVoe
9 hours ago

Bitcoin price passes $7K bringing all 100 top coins up with it
Bitcoin is moving up, and it’s taking 99 of its best friends along for the ride. In the last 24 hours, every one of the top 100 coins by market cap was in the green with 84 of them posting gains of over 5 percent. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was sitting at $7,310, up 14 percent in the [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-07-18By Taylor Hatmaker
9 hours ago

Bitcoin Price Rises as BlackRock Announces Interest in Crypto
The next economic battleground is surely cryptocurrency; it is the first new asset class to have emerged in decades, and everyone wants a piece of the action. The Bitcoin price is rocketing as BlackRock, the world’s biggest investment fund manager, has announced its intention to explore and likely enter the crypto market with its $6.3 trillion in AUM. This [ ... ] read more
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RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure Service
This week the RSK Labs development team launched a new service that provides programmers with a variety of tools to build decentralized applications. According to RSK, the ‘Dapp’ platform will provide developers with a great deal of infrastructure services all in one place. Also read: RSK Mines Its Genesis Block – Bitcoin Now Has an Ethereum-Like Smart Contracts Platform RSK Labs [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-07-17By Jamie Redman
12 hours ago

More Merchants Should Accept Cryptocurrency, Consumers Tell Survey
75 percent of cryptocurrency holders would spend their coins in Point-of-Sale (PoS) transactions if they could, a new study into crypto consumer habits reveals. ‘Real Demand For Greater Adoption’ The study, conducted by UK-based cryptocurrency purchasing website CreditCoin, also showed the desire to spend cryptocurrency in ‘real life’ did not depend on age. 84 percent of the baby boomer generation [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-17By Wilma Woo
14 hours ago

Cryptocurrency Remittance App Enables Instant Bitcoin Purchase With Credit Cards
Abra, the widely utilized cryptocurrency-based remittance platform, has integrated a functionality that enables its users to purchase bitcoin instantly with both credit and debit cards. Abra’s Cryptocurrency Push On Abra, similar to traditional remittance networks like Western Union and Moneygram, it is possible for users to send cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether to individuals across the world via Abra [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Joseph Young
14 hours ago

Crypto Markets Rally as Bitcoin Moves Above $6,600 Mark: Week in Review July 16
After a week of positive developments and rallying crypto prices, the market closed at $6,600 mark.  The main bitcoin-negative news this week was the announcement by U.S. Department of Justice that Russian intelligence offers, who allegedly tampered with the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign by hacking the DNC and the Clinton campaign, were using bitcoin (BTC) to fund their operations. [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Alexander Lielacher
16 hours ago

Robinhood Announces Dogecoin Adoption in the Wake of both Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
On July 17, 2018, Robinhood announced it’s support for Dogecoin (DOGE) on it’s fee-free trading platform. The adoption of Jackson Palmer’s ironic cryptocurrency marks a growing bullish trend on the part of the American cryptocurrency firm. Robinhood Adds Support for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and DogeCoin On July 12, 2018, cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood also announced to list two more cryptocurrencies – Litecoin [ ... ] read more
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75 Lambos Is What It Costs to Buy Up Ethereum Network for a Day
The Ethereum network can be bought - and daily attacks are not out of the range of whales. [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptovestPublished on: 2018-07-17By Christine Masters
22 hours ago

Coinbase Gets Regulatory Approval to List Coins Deemed Securities
Leading cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service provider Coinbase has received approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to list digital coins considered to be securities, Bloomberg reported Monday, July 16. According to a Coinbase representative, the SEC and FINRA have authorized the company to acquire security dealers Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate [ ... ] read more
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EOS Funded Bot Accounts Allegedly Congested Ethereum Network
A discussion on July 15, 2018, within the largest online Ethereum community, the Ethereum Subreddit (r/Ethereum), claimed that EOS-funded bot accounts have been deliberately clogging up the Ethereum blockchain network, spending up to 50 ether every hour for over 24 hours. EOS Controversy An alleged 40 percent of the capacity of the Ethereum blockchain network was utilized to process the [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Joseph Young
22 hours ago

Antonopoulos: Crypto Success Is not Measured by Price, but by Adoption
Prominent Bitcoin and security expert, Andreas Antonopoulos, recently said in a talk presented at the University College Dublin in Ireland, that the success of crypto and blockchain can not be measured by price but must be measured by adoption. Pattern of Bubble, Eruption, Build, Rally Since 2012, the cryptocurrency sector and most major digital assets, such as bitcoin and ether, [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-17By Joseph Young
1 day ago

Coinbase reportedly gets approval from U.S. regulators to start listing tokenized securities
Coinbase shared big news Monday that federal regulators are allowing the popular cryptocurrency exchange to proceed with plans to sell cryptocurrency tokens that are deemed securities. Last month, Coinbase acquired Keystone Capital, a California-based FINRA-registered broker-dealer that operates as an alternative trading system. With the announcement, the SF-based cryptocurrency exchange disclosed that it would still need to get regulatory approval to [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-07-17By Lucas Matney
1 day ago

ETH Bots Run Rampant While Twitter Claims to Ban Lookalike Accounts
According to reports the social media platform Twitter has been deleting millions of fraudulent accounts per day, and stated during the first week of July that it suspended more than 70 million accounts throughout May and June. However, the cryptocurrency industry is still plagued by tons of ‘ETH scam-bots’ pretending to be bitcoin luminaries and this scheme has made these [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-07-17By Jamie Redman
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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON: Price Analysis, July 16
What cryptocurrencies have bottomed out? See the latest price analysis to find out [ ... ] read more
Found on: CointelegraphPublished on: 2018-07-17By Cointelegraph By Rakesh Upadhyay
1 day ago

Kaspersky Releases Paper about Cryptocurrency Scams
Despite the many benefits attributed to cryptocurrency operation, there have been a number of ransomware attacks which have been said to be a product of these digital assets. To dive deep into these claims, Kaspersky, a Russia based cyber-security firm conducted a research, which concluded in highlighting a large spread of cryptocurrency related scams that resulted in a huge sum [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptoNewsPublished on: 2018-07-17By Sam Jona
1 day ago

0x lets any app be the Craigslist of cryptocurrency
Centralized crypto exchanges like Coinbase are easy but expensive because they introduce a middleman. Not-for-profit project 0x allows any developer to quickly build their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and decide their own fees. It acts like Craigslist, connecting traders without ever holding the tokens itself. And instead of having to bootstrap their way to enough users trading tokens on their [ ... ] read more
Found on: TechCrunchPublished on: 2018-07-16By Josh Constine
1 day ago

ConsenSys Is Bringing Together Blockchain Enthusiasts from over 50 Countries
ConsenSys has been building a global network of technology experts and entrepreneurs who are developing products for a decentralized world. The Brooklyn based blockchain software company was founded by Joseph Lubin in October 2014 and has since expanded its operations to several other countries with offices in London, Dublin, and Paris. ConsenSys in Paris Launched in October 2017, the team [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-07-16By Rahul Nambiampurath
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What Is the CoolWallet S?
Hardware wallets are an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They are an excellent way of keeping one’s cryptocurrency portfolio safe from harm. The CoolWallet S claims to be the ultimate Bitcoin wallet, even though it’s not just useful for BTC. A wide range of other currencies and tokens are supported. The CoolWallet S Explained More competition in the [ ... ] read more
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Swiss Stock Exchange Undecided on Digital Assets That Aren’t Securities
The Swiss Stock Exchange SIX has held off on publicly welcoming cryptoassets not considered securities to its new exchange. ‘It’s Still Open’ Six Digital Exchange (SDX), news of which drew much fanfare when it was announced earlier this month, will subject all future assets to a “due diligence process,” spokesman Stephan Meier told local news outlet Swissinfo July 15. Meier [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-07-16By Wilma Woo
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BANKEX Scan Offers Ethereum Blockchain Explorer for Android
BANKEX has created BANKEX Scan — an explorer that can be used to search and check Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20 token balances and transactions. [ ... ] read more
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