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Three Pro-Cryptocurrency Bills to Be Introduced to Congress
Three pieces of legislation will be brought before Congress by the co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. Their intent is to streamline the growing industry by introducing concise and transparent guidelines for businesses and investors, while also providing a safe harbor for taxpayers who use cryptocurrencies.    Accelerating the Development of Blockchain Tech Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) announced September 21 [ ... ] read more
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22 mins ago

Bitcoin Glyphs Added to Apple’s Shortcuts Application
Apple recently introduced a new lineup of iPhones and its new operating system iOS 12. Moreover, four days ago the company also updated its Siri extension called the ‘Shortcuts’ application with two new Bitcoin glyphs available. Also read: Critical Bug Found in Bitcoin Core Invokes the Multiple Client Argument Two New Bitcoin Glyphs Slowly but surely Bitcoin is finding its way [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-23By Jamie Redman
26 mins ago

Congressmen Demand IRS Design Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies
Since bitcoin’s first appearance, regulators have shown their concerns and tried to level the rules concerning virtual currency adequately. However, these rules are far from clear, and now financial regulators are urging the IRS to draw a solid framework for virtual currencies according to September 19, 2018, reports. Swift Update to Opaque Tax Guidelines According to IBTimes, at least five...The [ ... ] read more
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Exchanges Round-Up: Circle Invest Adds Four Alts, Stockholm IT Announces Crypto Fund
In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, Circle Invest has added Eos, 0x, Stellar, and Qtum to its platform, Stockholm IT, a Frankfurt-listed company that has seen its share value drop over 99% since launch, has announced plans for a cryptocurrency fund, and Btse has launched its over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform. Also Read: Taiwanese Candidate Accepts Crypto Donations, California Bans Them [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-23By Samuel Haig
2 hours ago

Bitcoin Price Watch: Decisions Delayed and a New Reputation for Tether
A lot’s happening in the bitcoin space. For one thing, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has pushed their decision-making process regarding the VanEck SolidX bitcoin ETF to December. Previously, they had scheduled their decision for September 30 – approximately eight days from now – which, in turn, was a delay of its previous timeframe. There are plenty of ways [ ... ] read more
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Switzerland Fights to Keep its Crypto Companies
More than 500 blockchain and cryptocurrency startups have found a home in Switzerland. The country hopes to become the ultimate blockchain capital of the world. The country has introduced a new plan to strengthen the previously edgy relationship between cryptocurrency startups and Swiss banks. New Guidelines for Banks Who Want to Befriend Cryptocurrencies According to Reuters, The Swiss Bankers Association [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-22By Paula Baciu
3 hours ago

SEC Orders Proceedings to Rule on ETF, Seeks Further Feedback
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published an “order instituting proceedings to determine whether to approve or disapprove” the proposed Vaneck Solidx bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The SEC is asking for further public feedback on issues pertaining to concerns regarding the bitcoin market’s perceived vulnerability to manipulation. Also Read: Turkey Finance Minister Embraces ICO Hype for Already Troubled [ ... ] read more
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Top 6 Cryptocurrencies With the Highest Transaction Volume – 2018 Week 40 Edition
Determining the popularity of a specific currency can be done in many different ways. Just because a network generates a lot of transactions does not mean value is being transferred across the blockchain. The following six currencies transaction the highest amount of value in a 24-hour period as of right now. It will be interesting to see if these statistics [ ... ] read more
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Top 5 Countries With a Higher Money Supply Than Bitcoin
Some people often like to compare the value of all Bitcoins with the monetary supply across different countries. Although the real purpose of such comparisons remains a bit unclear, there are some interesting statistics to keep tabs on. Bitcoin’s money supply is currently ranked 6th in the world, trailing these following five countries. #5 Russian Federation Given Russia’s [ ... ] read more
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6 hours ago

Programmable Money: Bitcoin Cash Community Debates Oracle Driven Upgrade
Lately, there’s been a lot of conversation directed at adding a canonical transaction ordering (CTOR) process to the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Then there’s the topic of whether or not the BCH developers should add the opcode OP_Checkdatasig (CDS) into the codebase. Some believe CDS will be beneficial to Bitcoin scripting applications and allow for all types of smart contracts and [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Jamie Redman
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Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Beat BTC in Q4 2018: INS, XRP, ANON, ILK
As the market sentiment is clearly turning bullish it is very important to begin targeting promising cryptocurrencies before their initial pump in value. 4 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in Q4 The prior two weeks VIBE and TRIG were highlighted for their upcoming news and undervalued nature. These 2 coins provided returns in excess of 100% and 250% respectively in the following [ ... ] read more
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5 Heavily Undervalued Top Cryptocurrencies According to Their Fair Value
Interesting statistics are not difficult to come by when exploring cryptocurrency markets. Although not all statistics make sense at first, they can provide valuable insights. According to CoinFairValue, the following 5 major cryptocurrencies – ranked by ascending price/fair value ratio –  are vastly undervalued based on their perceived “fair value”. How the Fair Value is Determined Prior to going [ ... ] read more
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Wendy McElroy: Crypto-Idealism Is the Future That Crypto-Statists Need to Defame
The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 10, Part 5 Crypto-Idealism is the Future that Crypto-Statists Need to Defame by Wendy McElroy [A]ll those who used their knowledge in a bid to enact social change saw cryptography as a tool to enhance individual privacy and to shift power from big, central institutions to [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Wendy McElroy
8 hours ago

Taipei City Council Candidate Receives Taiwan’s First Political Donation in Bitcoin
A Candidate for the Taipei City Council (TCC) has received the country’s first political donation in bitcoin, saying the development had both political and technological implications, Yahoo News reported on September 20, 2018. Taiwan’s First-Ever Political Donation in Bitcoins According to a September 20 Yahoo News report, a political donation has been made in bitcoin for the first time in...The [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-09-22By Priyeshu Garg
9 hours ago

Houston Rockets Inks Sponsorship Deal with Bitcoin Mining Pool ‘AntPool’
Popular National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Houston Rockets, recently entered into a sponsorship agreement with AntPool, one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools. The deal sees the Bitmain-owned AntPool sponsoring the Rockets for the upcoming 2018/2019 NBA season. Houston Rockets…to the Moon? According to SportsPro Media, the deal followed AntPool’s announcement of its newly built Texas-based U.S. office. Commenting on [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-22By Osato Avan-Nomayo
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The Daily: Binance Expands, Putin Advisor Visits Huobi, Brazilian Brokerage Goes Crypto
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is making good on its promises to expand globally – focusing on emerging markets and fiat-to-crypto trading services. Also in The Daily, Huobi founder and CEO Leon Li meets a Putin adviser in Beijing, a leading Brazilian brokerage firm shares plans to launch a crypto exchange, and digital assets management firm Altonomy caters to institutional investors with an [ ... ] read more
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Tilray & Marijuana Stocks Smoke Cryptocurrency, Then Go Poof
The financial markets were ablaze this week with high volatility in cannabis shares unseating cryptocurrency as the trade of choice. References to cannabis in news articles were almost double that of cryptocurrency. But big falls on Friday, coupled with almost unilateral gains across crypto, showed how schizophrenic the weed market can be. Tilray. When Lambo? Tilray was the name on [ ... ] read more
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Financial Blockades Are Bad for Humanity But Great for Bitcoin
Vloggers. Sex workers. Conservatives. Iranians. People from every strata of society, with nothing in common, save for a shared grievance. All have found themselves locked out without warning by their payment provider. Account frozen. Funds seized. Lifeline severed. And for what exactly? For the amorphous crime of failing to comply with the terms of service. In reality, however, the only [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Kai Sedgwick
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PR: Crypto Exchange Bleutrade Confirms Its Presence In Malta
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. The company, founded in Brazil, emerged in 2014 in the digital currency market as an [ ... ] read more
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Understanding Ethereum’s Uncles
This article will provide insight and information helping you understand Ethereum’s uncles, why they exist, and how their existence benefits the safety of the network. It contains some crypto-heavy language, but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, clearly defining new words as we go along. Everything is perceived from the perspective of the current block being mined [ ... ] read more
Found on: CryptoNewsPublished on: 2018-09-22By Zoran Spirkovski
14 hours ago

China, Russia, USA in Race to Use Blockchain for Military Operations
A number of defense officials and armed forces across the globe are starting to look into blockchain’s potential in areas related to military activity. Militaries across the world are always looking for cutting-edge technologies to get a leg up on the competition. Blockchain is certainly not escaping scrutiny. Officials inside of defense agencies are particularly interested the technology’s distributed consensus [ ... ] read more
Found on: BitcoinistPublished on: 2018-09-22By Kevin O’Brien
15 hours ago

SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Again, Despite 99 Percent of the Public Being in Favor
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has once again delayed its decision on the VanEck and Solid X backed exchange-traded fund, looking to invite more feedback, the agency said in a September 20, 2018, filing. More Delays It seems that the wait for an exchange-traded fund that invests in Bitcoin is nowhere near finished, as the SEC seeks additional comments...The [ ... ] read more
Found on: BTCmanagerPublished on: 2018-09-22By Priyeshu Garg
15 hours ago

Turkey Finance Minister Embraces ICO Hype for Already Troubled Economy
If regional Turkish media is to be believed, no less than the country’s Minister of Finance (Finmin), Berat Albayrak, has proposed looking into the wildcat world of initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a way to boost the economy. English-speaking press reports so far haven’t mentioned Turkey’s supposed turn toward state-backed crypto products, but they have highlighted forecasts the country’s sagging, [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By C. Edward Kelso
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Rewarding Whistleblowers with Crypto Community Watch
In the wild west of cryptocurrency, lack of regulatory presence and anonymity  synergize to create an environment ripe for scammers and fraud. As such, it is up to the community to protect itself and work to eliminate these malicious actors. While far too many scammers and hackers have gone unpunished, there has been a trend over the past year through [ ... ] read more
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Taiwanese Candidate Accepts Crypto Donations, California Bans Them
Using cryptocurrency for political donations has been a hot topic in many societies. Two recent developments demonstrate different views on the matter. A Taiwanese politician who has accepted bitcoin from his supporters believes crypto donations can help keep his country’s political system clean and transparent. At the same time, the California campaign watchdog says cryptocurrency can raise questions about transparency [ ... ] read more
Found on: news.bitcoin.comPublished on: 2018-09-22By Lubomir Tassev
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